Roller Guides – Rollers, Cylindrical rollers, Rolls

To guide streaming production materials like wire, strand, rope, cable, flat material or rods, roller systems have proven successful. Single or in pairs, horizontal or vertical, they safely guide materials through the production process. WireTrex supplies custom and standard roller systems with fixed, adjustable and crank adjustable models in many different sizes and surface qualities.


Roller Guides

  • cylinder roller steel or aluminum
  • steel surface hardened, fine ground
  • hard chrome coated
  • ceramic coated
  • replaceable bearings
  • solid, robust construction
  • single or double ended, threaded or smooth shaft ends


  • transport rollers
  • guide rollers
  • roller cross guides
  • guide rolls, guide roller, guide roll
  • wire guides
  • cable run
  • rope guiding
  • roller guides for wire, cable, flat material and rope
  • guide rolls for pay-offs, take-ups and winders


Adjustable on-the-fly roller guides

  • with knurled knob / hand crank
Adjustable on-the-fly roller guides
Example with 2 vertical rollers

Adjustable on-the-fly roller guides

Example with 1 fix horizontal and 2 adjustable vertical rollers


Adjustable on-the-fly Roller crosses

  • rollers separately adjustable horizontally and vertically
Adjustable on-the-fly Roller crosses

Example adjustable on-the-fly Roller cross


Adjustable Roller crosses

  • adjustable via long hole
adjustable and fixed roller crosses

Example adjustable roller cross


Fixed Roller crosses

  • simple and robust
adjustable and fixed roller crosses

Example fixed roller cross


Centrically adjustable on-the-fly roller crosses

  • with knurled knob / hand wheel
Centrically adjustable roller cross iris

Example centrical Iris



centrically adjustable roller cross 45 degree.jpg

Example centrical 45 degree


Individual replacement rollers

  • single or double ended threaded shaft
single rollers, replacement rollers

Example cylindrical rollers


Special design according to the customer request

  • e.g. spring-loaded, self-closing, centrical roller guide with adjustable spring load, aperture can also be fixed
self-closing roller cross

Example self closing iris roller cross guide